Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mac GET!

Today dad took me downtown to get my somewhat belated birthday present, meaning I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new MacBook Pro! This is how happy I am:

Gorgeous, am I not? Photo: Muffe

I've named him Muffe (Muff), and he shall be mine and I shall wuv him!

I don't really know much about mac, to be honest, but so far I'm enjoying the ride. :) Any tips out there, let me know! (Kiyu...?) The reason I've decided to opt for a mac is that I'll be using it mostly for creative work (digital painting etc.) and in my art studies. Having a mac means less chance of a virus, no games (equals no time or GB wasted) and loads of opportunities!

Now to install Photoshop... <3

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My plans are all set!

Today I got the e-mail confirming my acceptance into the art school here in Oslo, meaning that my plans for the fall are all set! Art studies, here I come!

I'm halfway through my exams as well. It's been a busy few months, but in just about two more weeks I'll be a free girl for the first time since I was 6. I'll be the first to admit that high school can be a lot of fun at times (with all my crazy friends and day-to-day happenings), but I can't wait to start studying because I want to, not because I have to. It'll also be a great change of pace to think less about grades in all those different subjects. (And that is assuming my new school even has grades...!) I think that for the first time in my life I will genuinely be looking forward to school starting again in August. And it will not just be fun because of my friends or through the first two weeks. 

If this is growing up, it's kind of glorious. (At the moment! ;P)

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome to England

I've always loved to draw, and I love stories - so being able to work with that would be fantastic. Therefore, my current dream is to become an illustrator!

Yesterday was another opportunity to get closer to that dream - and a big one at that! There was a big conference in Oslo Spektrum where almost all the universities in Norway, including several from overseas, come to give you information and an idea of what it's like studying with them. As for the overseas art schools, they can even offer you a place on the spot; provided they like your portfolio.

I got accepted by Swansea Metropolitan University! I'm in! :DD

There were other universities there too, like Middlesex, Kingston and Falmouth. They were generally quite positive, but would not accept me at this stage. They did, however, give me many valuable tips and lots of feedback. Swansea, however, loved me. "I've written excellent here - you can see, I haven't written that on any other student up until now. You've got some things you can be really proud of there." I was incredibly happy!

I think I'll stick to my original plan, though - a foundation year here in Oslo first, to learn more of the technique and craftmanship and build up a stronger portfolio with some more time on my hands. If I could get accepted by a few more universities, I'd have a wider range of possibilities and choices. As of now I have fallen very much in love with the idea of studying art in Wales, though!

"You better bring your own sun"

Monday, January 4, 2010


After careful consideration I've made my decision: I've decided to quit the the school play choir.

I've made some really nice friends there, and it's been fun. Still, to tell the truth I've been pretty pumped lately, that with all the practicing, training and school work. My dream in joining this choir was to become a better singer, and if that's the case I realize now that I'll be better off with a singing coach. Sometimes pursuing your dreams means forsaking something in the process. 

I said I wanted to keep pursuing my dreams. Well, this is one of them, and I know that in order to make those dreams real you have to get out there and do something. I'm not saying I necessarily want to become a professional. I just want to become a better singer and learn more about singing and using my voice. And I've realized that's not going to happen where I am now.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!

So, the year 2009 has come to an end, huh...
It's all gone by so fast! I can't believe that just a little over 5 months ago I was still in Japan.

This has certainly been an eventful year: 

¤ I went to Japan for the first time in the summer of 08, and stayed there for 10 months.

¤ I celebrated my birthday, experienced Christmas and New Year's Eve 09 in another country with another family. 

¤ I met so many lovely people and had wonderful experiences I'll never forget. 

¤ I came home, went back to school and started in a new class. 

¤ I made new friends and caught up with some old after a year on exchange.

¤ I saw Tori Amos live (but never got around to writing about it)

¤ My boyfriend went and came back from his exchange to Japan! (lol)

    There's no way I could sum 2009 up in one blog entry! I think it has been a wonderful year in so many ways. Still, there's a few things I'd like to do in 2010:

    ¤ Tidy up my messy room (I feel more organized and efficient in neat surroundings...)

    ¤ Do more of the things I really want to do, and like.

    ¤ Keep pursuing my dreams, giving it my best! 頑張ります!

    ¤ Do my best in most things! 頑張りま~す!!

    ¤ Spend more time with my friends before they all go off to study at uni. :O


      Now it only remains to see if I can keep up with all of this, haha!
      First I need to finish my term paper for January 4th...

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      Friday, December 18, 2009

      Seeing red? So am I.

      Turns out that the card generator on the webpage from which I ordered all my russ things does not allow personal backgrounds. Meaning I have to go mainstream. Bleh.

      Oh well... I'm still quite satisfied though, seeing as I found a personal quote and a decent picture. (Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a miracle. I hate having my picture taken because they all turn out horrible-looking.)

      So, in all it's glory, I present to you:

      The quote reads: "If you're not yourself, you're nobody."

      I have not yet given up on a self-designed card, though, but I shall have to print them myself. This means it'll be a limited supply, probably just to be given out to close friends and family.

      We'll see. Tomorrow's the beginning of the Christmas holidays! I need some time to breathe now.

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      Tuesday, December 15, 2009

      Spread your wings and fly!

      I think I've found my inspiration for my russekort! ("russ card"? It doesn't really translate.)
      Why? ...that I'll explain later!

      search my blog...